Project info

The Institution for pre-school education “Amel and Nur” has been working since 1998 year and successfully organizes and implementes a program of education. This institution is entered in the Court Register under number UF / I-468/05 and works with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of Sarajevo Canton. The founder of the institution is firm Senabil. It has four departments: Kindergarten “Amel” in Ilidža, Kindergarten “Nur” in Grbavica, Kindergarten “Vogošća” and Kindergarten “Dobrinja” in Dobrinja. The Institution “Amel and Nur” is the founder of Primary school “El- Manar” and Kindergarten “Aladin” in Tuzla. The Kindergarten organizes a program of care and education for pre-school children, for children ages twelve months to six years. Our working time is from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM every day.

The Kindergarten “Nur” has been working since 2000, there is a playground for the children. It is located at Zagrebačka street to 55, Grbavica. Our program is organized in eight educational groups and our preschool serve 205 children and 23 employees.

The Kindergarten “Vogošća” has been working since 2010,located at Rosulje bb street, Vogošća. Our program is organized in four educational groups and our preschool serve 82 children and 9 employees. The kindergarten has a modern well-equipped play area and garden.

The Kindergarten „Dobrinja“ started working in April 2014 and we serve 85 children and 8 employees. It is located at Senad Poturak Sencija street No.27,Dobrinja. Kindergarten has got the playground and it is located inside the apartment building. Today our preschools serve 502 children between the ages of 1 and 6 years and 58 employees.

Special attention is given to cooperation with the parents which is implemented through socializing and activities. Also, during the year for all employees are realized professional trainings as well as socializing and excursions.

Head of kindergarten is prof.Edisa Habota. The institution has own Supervisory Board and The Managing Board whose representative is prof.dr.Kenan Musić.