Project info

Elementary School “El-Manar” osvnovana is 18. 4. 2002 as a private school decision of the Ministry of Education, Science and Information Number: UP-11-01-38-1625 / 2,002th. Elementary School “El-Manar” was entered in the register of primary schools of Sarajevo Canton under number 67 on the 67th. Decision of the Cantonal Court Sarajevo number UF / 1-1476 / 02 of 28.08.2002. The school is legally registered. Decision of the Cantonal Court Sarajevo 065/0-REG-13-001809 of 21.6. 2013, the school was legally registered. To build a school, “El-Manar” funds were provided by the World Islamic Commissioner Kuwait – Office in Sarajevo (2000-2002 years). School began operations 2. 9. 2002, and today has had a long-standing successful, stable operation.

The activity of primary education to be done according to the Curriculum for primary schools of Sarajevo Canton, which has been expanded with the legal maximum of 20%.