Tourist resort Smrekovica II

In the hall of the Municipal Council was a presentation of the project “Tourist resort Smrekovica II”. The investor is the Kuwaiti company “Senabil” doo Sarajevo, which for many years successfully operating in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond. Mayor Halil Tuzlić noted that such investments in the period of crisis in BiH is very important for employment in construction activity and other activities, while opening opportunities for establishing new jobs.

The management of local government expressed satisfaction with the continuing investment in the municipality of Breza, of the overall tourist offer of this place promoted to a higher category. “The company Senabil d.o.o have a secure desire to establish good and correct relations with all parties with whom we work. The benefit and profit is not the only objective of our business, but development and progress are, “he said, among other things, director of dr. Moussa Fattah and praised the support of local governments for investment presented.

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