The construction of green market in Alipašino Polje

“In addition to being removed from the mockery of this part of the city, which has long been the meeting place of drug addicts and stray dogs, the construction of the mentioned facility will solve the problem of people who for years fruit and vegetables sold in the open and to the facility have much better conditions for work “, said the Novi Grad Municipality.

On that occasion, Mayor of Novi Grad Semir Efendic, he visited with his associates and representatives of the company Senabil, which is the investor of the project, the building in which the works are carried out.

“Here there was a problem of harmonization of project documentation with urban approval and permits. We decided to tear down the building or to adapt to the urban plan. However, as the artist adapted the project on the basis of which it was possible to issue a building permit, which became final, the works are set, “said Efendic.

He pointed out that the resolution of this problem is extremely important for job creation, but also because it will be a green market will be located inside the building. Thus, he says, people work in much better conditions, everything will be organized in a better way for those that are working, and for the citizens of this town.

According to Mousa Fattah, director of Senabil, construction should be completed in two, and is scheduled to open for three months.

Upon the completion of this project will create about 60 jobs, including people who are now sold on the street.

“The ground floor will house greengrocer and butcher, and the upper part will be located café-pizzeria, bambi game room, and offices of the Board of the company. The project is worth around 1.5 million KM,” said Fattah.

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